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laMovida is fully independent and self-funded.

we’re working on big ideas. fresh ideas that take time, effort and budgets. new shows, collaborations, short films, unique narrative projects and much more.

we want to make the best content possible. bigger, better, doper. more of it, more consistently. fresh takes on formats and entirely new ones. there’s plenty of room for disruption in the new media space and that’s where we’re headed.

this is where you come in.

our little shop is counting on your support to build this to its full potential. and you can be a part of it in a few different ways, on a few different tiers:

CAFÉ: look, personally, we’re addicted to coffee. it makes us happy, keeps us warm in the soul. it enables miracles. you can personally sponsor our habits of coffee drinking and creative works. and, hey, you might see your name on all written posts on this very website. $2 will go a long way.

PATRON: no, not the tequila. unless??? you enjoy what we do here and want to see more of it on a more consistent basis. you’ll also be helping with the costs of maintenance of our platforms and will receive a special mention on our podcast releases. You got $5 on it.

PRODUCER: big move that will not put pressure on us at all. nope. but know this puts us a huge step closer to doing this full time. you’ll get a special mention in credits to all of our work: written, audio AND videos. $10/10 for you, would recommend.

give what you feel comfortable with, or just pass this page along, sharing our work is also a great way to show your support.

and if you’re still reading this just know, we love you and thank you for your continued support.

-laMovida, ltd.

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